Disconnect And Transform

Our 7 Night Package will transform your body completely. You can bet you will lose noticeable weight and toxins, your skin will brighten, your body will be pain free, your bloat and discomfort will subside. Your mind will be clearer and better able to focus and stressful situations easier to handle. Disconnect and Transform is exactly what you need to learn new habits, enjoy the feeling of lightness, reconnect with your body completely and take a whole new you home.

Package Includes:

  • + Beautiful luxurious accommodations in a heavenly healing environment
  • + All Meals, healthy Cuisine
  • + Daily Morning and afternoon Yoga Class
  • + Daily Fruit Snacks in the Morning
  • + Daily Smoothies at Sunset
  • + Full access to GYM, Vapor Room, SPA Facilities
  • + Three Mid-morning Wellness Workshop
  • + 60 Minute Healing Massage and Scrub Per Person
  • + Front Desk 24 Hours
  • + Turndown Service
  • + Hike to Forest Municipal
  • + A trip to the feria-local farmers market (dates permitting)
Transworld Health



 13 33 33

8AM - 8PM (AEST)