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Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune Conditions

What are autoimmune diseases and why are they so common these days?

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise in our modern society. In 2012 14.7 million Americans were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. This year it is expected that over 50 million people in America will have an autoimmune condition. World wide the number is staggering and is on the increase. There are currently over 80 diseases that qualify as autoimmune. The most common are:

  • + rheumatoid arthritis
  • + thyroid conditions like Hashimotos
  • + diabetes
  • + loupus
  • + inflammatory bowel
  • + lyme’s disease
  • + liver disease
  • + anemia
  • + MS
  • + various types of skin conditions

Why is this happening? 

There are varying opinions as to why this is happening and what the root causes are. The main contributing factors to the deterioration of our immune systems are poor nutrition, very little focus on preventative medicine or health cultivation or a drastic increase of chemicals in our environment over time.

Although it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of all autoimmune diseases in each patient they all have something incommon…. inflammation. Inflammation is the bodies natural response to infection, injury, and stress. It is meant to kill invading foreign pathogens that cause disease, cause swelling and pain to immobilise injured areas so they can heal, or to send a message to the body to get away from a stressful situation. The problem is that for whatever reason many of us are in a constant state of inflammation and irritation so the body is unable to heal itself. Your inflammation may have started with an injury but the constant stress from life and environmental factors keeps the inflammatory response going. We are unable to go back in time and avoid exposure to whatever triggered the disease but we can lighten our chemical load going forward and reduce systemic inflammation.

Your retreat will give you clarity, cleanse the body and reset you so that you can live inflammation free and with more vitality.

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