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    TWH has partnered with the first clinic authorised by the Government of Costa Rica to perform stem cell treatments and is the official representative of the Global Stem Cell Group in the country. Biomaster Medical has introduced the cellular micronutrient program, which favour physical performance, cellular protection, strengthening of the normal function of blood vessels, and collagen formation.


    • + Application of megadoses of vitamin C through intravenous therapy
    • + Stem cells Adipose tissue without sedation
    • + Stem cells Adipose Tissue with Sedation
    • + Stem Cells Bone Marrow with Sedation
    • + Stem Cells Bone Marrow without sedation
    • + Stem cells Bone marrow with sedation and infiltration with specialist
    • + Stem cells Adipose tissue with sedation and infiltration with specialist
    • + Treatment of platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
    • Dr. Mariella Tanzi

      Adminstrator, Clinical Support Services

       Dr. Mariella Tanzi has always been interested in the sciences. Her first major was Biology, of which she graduated from the University of Costa Rica.Subsequently, her interest in medicine developed and she obtained her degree at UCIMED. Duringthis time, she begins her research in natural medicine, specifically in the search for alternatives that cure patients without having to undergo large doses of chemicals or other invasive treatments.


       When she graduates in Medicine, she joins ACERPA, a clinic specialized in the rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs, and she stays there for 8 years offering her services in social work. At the same time, she continues in search of naturalmethods and, -by 2008 -, she gets to know Neural Therapy and inclines to extend her knowledge in this discipline. She continues her research and finds in the autologous stem cells one more option for the development of regenerative medicine, coming to work hard and making Biomaster Medical the first clinic authorized in Costa Rica for stem cell treatment.


Biomaster Medical
Costa Rica

Stemcell treatment is best coupled with our retreat package for optimal recovery.


+ How is the procedure done?
There are two ways to obtain autologous stem cells: by aspirating bone marrow or by obtaining adipose tissue by performing a small liposuction. The way of obtaining them depends on each patient and their pathology. Once obtained, the stem cells will be applied in the area to be treated.

+ What is a stem cell?
A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell, capable of self-renewal and with the potential for differentiation in diverse cell lines.

+ What is the duration of the procedure?
It varies, but it usually takes between 3 and 4 hours. 

+ How many sessions does the procedure require?
It depends on each patient and their pathology.

+ Do you feel any pain with the procedure?
The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and patients usually do not present pain at the time of the procedure. It is normal for inflammation to occur days later, but your doctor will give you medication in case of pain. 

+ Is hospitalisation necessary?
No, the procedure is outpatient. 

+ What are the risks?
Adverse effects are minimal and infrequent. Risks relate to the injection and may include: bruising, allergic reaction, nausea, headache, inflammation, infection or ) 

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