TWH partners apply the most recent innovations in the field of reproductive medicine like:

  • + ICSI
  • + Embryo hatching
  • + Cytoplasmic transfer
  • + Embryo glue
  • + Blastocyst, intrauterine insemination with gradients

All included in the standard services fees in order to minimise costs and improve results. Our recommended clinic also offers:

  • Medication
  • + Embryo Freezing
  • + Laparoscopy
  • + Histeroscopy
  • + Cyst Aspiration
  • + Testicular Aspiration

In Costa Rica we offer Vitro Fertilisation with cryogenic preservation of unused embryos should you request it.


Transworld Health have partnered with Costa Rica’s leading fertility clinic with over 15 years experience and over 10,000 cases making them specialists and highly experienced in the field.

The Assisted Reproduction laboratories are highly equipped and have international compliance guidelines meeting international standards. All Doctors TWH engage with are incredibly passionate about helping their patients see through to fruition the joy of brining life into the world and have been internationally recognised.

In Costa Rica they conduct intrauterine insemination and GIFT procedures with extreme precision which is why 9 out of 10 of our patients fall pregnant within the first four attempts. Our IVF program offered in Costa Rica has a pregnancy index of 47% to 50% with the patients own ovum and 60% to 65% with donated ovum. 90% of our patients fall pregnant within the first 2 attempts.

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