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Malaysia has a history steeped in the British Empire and did not achieve independence until 1957. It is a multi ethnic and multi cultural country democracy based on the Westminster parliamentary model and with its legal system based on English common law and administration stemming from its British origins.

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It is one of the Asian Tiger economies demonstrating strong economic growth over many years with its traditional wealth based on natural resources, now extending rapidly in sectors such as science and tourism.

As the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur ( or KL as it is commonly known) is steeped in history with grand colonial architecture and extensive greenery sitting amongst striking modern architecture and six-lane highways. It is famous the world over for the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and is a shopping paradise with some of Southeast Asia’s largest shopping malls, housing the world’s top brands, sitting alongside vibrant street markets.

While like most Asian cities, there is plenty of traffic, wondrous experiences abound around almost every corner, with a mix of temples side-by-side with street markets and towering high rises. On top of this, there is the food. It is not by accident that KL is a ‘foodies paradise’, with thousands of restaurants serving every imaginable type of food to suit every budget.

Health & Well Being

All private medical facilities in Malaysia are required to be licensed under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and work closely with the Ministry of Health, which monitors compliance and establishes benchmarks and regulations for quality assurance.

Malaysia now has ten JCI-accredited hospitals, with aggressive plans for private facility expansion over the next five years.

More than 600,000 international health visitors were treated in 2012 and this fiture has been rising at a rate of 35% pa. The country’s private health facilities are on a par with those of India and Thailand with many patients travelling from Singapore to Malaysia for private treatment where the cost is approx.. 30-50% lower.

Malaysia attracts health visitors from far and wide, not least of all because of the common use of the English language and its multi-cultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere. More and more Malaysia is attracting affluent health visitors from Australia and as far afield as North America and Europe as they appreciate the world class treatment and affordable cost that represents international patient services in the country.

Transworld Health offers an array of treatment facilities located in Kuala Lumpur, providing for every possible speciality be it in a specialist hospital or clinic. Treatments range from specialised dental including complex procedures and ophthalmology, to cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, spine surgery, weight loss surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, IVF, oncology and ophthalmology at every possible level.

Transworld Health also offers Executive Health Screening covering an array of tests as to whole body health and well being and that which is centred on specific areas such as cardiac health.

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