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Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and thought by many to be its jewel. It has everything from its UNESCO listed cities such as Havana and Trinidad with wonderful 16th Century Spanish colonial Transworld Health - Destination Cubaarchitecture, to its unique culture and music, friendly people, and magnificent beaches and landscapes, all set within a 1950’s time warp and embraced by world renowned music, seemingly at every street corner.

In recent years Cuba has opened its doors to international tourism having tripled its foreign visitors in the last decade and now accommodating something in excess of 3 million visitors each year as it becomes the most sought after tourist destination in the Caribbean.

This growth of international visitors has been sparked by exponential growth in the medical tourism market, with Cuba catering for visitors seeking medical treatment predominantly from Europe, Latin America and Canada.

Health & Well Being

With a life expectancy of 78 years, Cuba achieves results similar to those of most developed nations and by 2025, Cuba is expected to have the highest proportion of its population over the age of 60 in all of Latin America. In addition, Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate to that of the USA and is among the lowest in the world.

Its strong focus on health care has meant that it has been praised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as ….. “the only country that has a health system close linked to research and development …. which is the way to go” and praised the government as … “having made health an essential pillar of development”.

Since 1963, Cuba has sent doctors and other health workers throughout the Third World to deliver much need health care. Currently, nearly 30,000 Cuban medical staff are working in over 60 countries around the world. In a decade and it is common for Cuban doctors to be first responders to major health issues in different parts of the world, as seen by the leading contribution it made to tackling the recent ebola crisis in Africa.

It’s Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) is the leading medical school in South America and has since 1999 graduated over 20,000 doctors from over 123 countries with it reported that currently some 11,000 students from all over the world are pursuing a career in medicine at ELAM. The excellence of this institution has been recognised by the United Nations, where the Secretary General Bah Mi-moon has stated that ELAM is ….”the world’s most advanced medical school” further praising the dedication and commitment of Cuban doctors by stating in regard to health crisis’s that … “they are always the first to arrive and last to leave … Cuba can be proud of its health care system, a model for many countries”.

Cuba has for more than 20 years been serving international ‘health tourists’ from around the world and has established a specialist division of hospitals and clinics for the treatment of foreigners and diplomats. Typically, those from overseas travel to Cuba for a variety of treatments for which it is highly acclaimed, including ophthalmic surgery, neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, retinitis pigmentosa, post surgical /post stroke rehabilitation, addiction treatment and unique treatments in the field of oncology and in the treatment of vitiligo. In addition it has developed its own pharmaceutical industry and exports vaccines and other health products to different parts of the world.

Transworld Health is aligned closely with the Cuban ministry responsible for international health care and ensures that all treatment centres are of the highest clinical standard and accredited by the ministry for the undertaking of its specialities to the most exacting standards.

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