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Costa Rica is a Central American country with both Pacific and Caribbean coast lines and rugged mountain ranges that run through the country, with some of the great bio diversity of anywhere in the world. It is an ecological wonder all set within a stable political environment and relative high standard of living.

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It is often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America being a peaceful country democracy having not had a military for over 60 years. On top of this, it is at the forefront of ecological standards being acknowledged as one of the top countries in the world in terms of environment protection, with it being reported that 99% of its energy consumption is from non-carbon, sustainable energy resources. On top of this, its citizens enjoy free education and healthcare.

With its comparative wealth, emphasis on ecotourism, and long history of political tranquillity, Costa Rica, Spanish for “rich coast,” cannot be thought of as a third-world country and few destinations offer such a variety of experiences for visitors to savour.

Breathtaking national parks of volcanoes and cloud forests are less than an hour’s drive from the capital, San José with both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts being in easy reach and range of first class western style accommodation available.

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and is one of South America’s safest places and is host to many beautiful colonial buildings including a number of theatres and museums. In addition San Jose has many parks and squares to enjoy.

Health & Well Being

The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Costa Rica as one of the top three healthcare systems in Latin America. The nation consistently ranks higher in healthcare than many of its industrialized counterparts, including Canada and the United States. Similarly, life expectancy is among the world’s highest: 78.7 years, one year higher than in the US.

It is not then surprising that many in excess of 50,000 visitors travel to Costa Rica each year for treatments of one description or another, with most coming from the USA, Canada, and Europe with it being in the top 5 destinations for American health tourists.

Costa Rica has a renowned reputation for high quality medical services particularly, that of cosmetic surgery and dentistry with sought after procedures in recent years extending into areas such as eye surgery and other elective procedures, including bariatric surgery (for weight loss) and orthopaedics. In addition, Costa Rica has launched research and clinical initiatives for Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, pain management, and diabetes.

Transworld Health hospitals and clinics are located in the capital San Jose and have undergone extensive expansion and modernization to attract a broad mix of international patients. One of the TH hospitals was the first in the country to achieve JCI accreditation and another achieved JCI status in 2008. Both are full-service hospitals offering patients a wide array of specialties and procedures.

Although Costa Rica enjoys a fine reputation for cosmetic surgery, those surgeons practicing in this area mostly do from one of the foremost TH selected private hospitals.

One of Costa Rica’s specialties is hotel or ranch-style accommodation that acts as a recovery retreat for the exclusive use of patients. Situated close to clinics, these retreats have all the amenities of a typical hotel, but they are staffed with nurses and interns who attend to the special needs of recovering patients.

Transworld Health also offers Executive Health Screening covering an array of tests as to whole body health and well being and that which is centred on specific areas such as cardiac health.

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