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Frequently Asked Questions

What accreditations do these international hospitals, clinics and centres have?

All of our international affiliates must have obtained one of the following accreditations to be associated with TWH such as:

  • JCI - Joint Commission international
  • ACI - Accreditation Canada International
  • NABH - National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
  • MHTC - Malaysia Health Travel Council
  • WHO - World Health Organisation
  • Government of that country

I’ve heard negative things about travelling overseas for medical reasons, is this safe?

YES!! And we organise it all for you to take the worry out of the experience.

  • We use only the best medical facilities with full accreditations both in their own country and internationally
  • We are covered by Loyd’s of London who are the oldest and most prestigious insurer in the world
  • Each flight and trip has both medical personnel and a TWH executive so you are never alone
  • We supply a secure medical portal in order for you to transfer confidential medical records from Australia to your physician overseas, and receive you own login to monitor everything related to your trip including quotes, notes and your schedule.
  • Each patient receives a direct contact TWH person dedicated to them. This person is the customer care representative throughout the process, travels with the group over to the destination and is available during your stay should you have any issues arise.
  • We organise all of your accomodation, transport and can provide extras packages should you so wish to participate in a site seeing tour, an adventure or a simple day spar to relax and enjoy.

Who is Loyd’s of London and what medical and travel insurance cover can I get?

Loyd’s of London was founded in 1688 they are the worlds largest specialists insurers and the longest standing. We offer you full comprehensive travel, accident and treatment insurance and provided under a TWH bespoke policy issued by Lloyds of London. The policy is unique to TWH having been designed with our client needs in mind, with extensive cover for –

  • Travel, accident and illness as ordinarily found in first class travel insurance; plus
  • Cover against any complications (unlikely that they are ) should arise from any treatment and where some form of corrective treatment is required, which will if so needed, include the cost of this treatment being provided back in Australia.

Whats the difference between you and other health providers?

TWH differs from private health funds in that you only pay when you need treatment or access to a program and it does not matter that you had a pre-existing condition. There are no waiting periods, membership contracts or monthly subscriptions extending over many years whether or not you require treatment and worse still, increasing at regular intervals. With Transworld Health, you simply chose the treatment or program you seek, have this verified by your medical practitioner or through your local TWH Centre and pay based on the quote that we provide, while at the same time enjoying all the usual benefits and protections afforded in terms of doctor-client confidentiality and medical protection

Am I able to speak with someone from TWH if I have further questions?

You will have direct access to your personal care consultant before you go overseas, while you are away as they will be accompanying each trip that is undertaken should any issue arise.

Do I need to apply for a visa?

In the case that a Visa is required, we will be able to take you through it step by step and lodge it for you with a fast track response. Mostly Australian’s will not have to do this for the countries we are visiting.

Do I have to arrange every element of the package or does Transworld Health do that?

No, Transworld Health will do it all for you. The ‘total care’ package includes

  • TH Client Executive (customer care person)
  • Treatments
  • Local Consultation
  • Flights
  • Medical and Travel insurance
  • Accommodation, food, transport
  • Extras options

Can I see my own doctor and or health practitioner but still go overseas with TWH?

Yes absolutely, we even provide you with access to your own private and secure on line portal where you can manage your enquiries, seek and obtain answers, make bookings as well as upload your medical history and download reports and treatments recommendations.

Are there tours, adventures and fun things to do while I am away?

100% yes. Included in your package you have the option of choosing an “extras” package. Depending on what treatment you are having and what country you are going to will determine what we can offer you. You can speak more to your customer care consultant regarding your choices.

Can I bring a companion with me for support?

Yes you can, in fact we recommend it as it is always comforting to have a friend, family member or partner to go with you

Can I get more information on the hospital, clinic or centre I am going to?

Yes you can, once you register you will receive your login and password. This offers you a more detailed look at everything we will do for you and what is on offer.

Can I organise my own accommodation?

Yes you can, however we do strongly encourage you to stay at our affiliated hotels as it makes your schedule and administration much easier

Can I organise my own flights?

Again Yes, however we strongly encourage you to utilise our TransAir option as it makes your schedule and administration much easier plus you will have an executive from TWH as a representative and medical personnel on the flight for peace of mind.

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